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N&W Snakky RY

The Snakky RY is ideal for sites where space is premium, with a lower than usual height the compact footprint makes it perfect for the tightest of spaces but still offers a fantastic selection of confectionary, cans and bottles.

It has a modern design and aesthetics, is user friendly and to ensure client satisfaction, the Snakky RY has a sensor in the delivery area which detects if a product has actually been vended. If the item is not dispensed, the machine instructs the spiral to turn again until it is realised or it will refund your money.

Can be used for purely snacks and confectionary or it can hold snacks, confectionary, cans and bottles.

  • Robust and flexible enough to offer snacks, confectionary, cans or bottles - or a combination of all four.
  • With a lower than average height, the compact footprint makes it perfect for the tightest of spaces.
  • Up to 30 selections available


  • Height: 1700 mm
  • Width: 707 mm
  • Depth: 860 mm
  • Weight: 190 kg

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