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Pour Moi

It's here. the coffee shop concept from a vending machine! Bring the coffee shop taste experience to the office. Inspired by the high street, the machine serves up a 12oz cup - with the option of sip lids - to grab and go. It's a great value, great quality drink that will keep people coming back.

POUR MOI, an authentic coffee shop concept - affordable and satisfying hot drink experience so you too can experience coffee shop quality.

We started with the machine - it's ultra modern, high street inspired exterior design, simply shouts 'good coffee'.

Pour Moi serves a 12oz cup size - just like the high street. So it's a great value, great quality drink that people will keep coming back for.

Do the drinks taste good? We think so - we use specially selected ingredients combined with thoroughly tested settings to deliver a great tasting indulgent drink from first sip to last. You'll love the creamy Cappuccino or as a treat try the Mocha Latte, all made from 100% skimmed milk with nothing added.


  • Coffee shop standard drinks
  • Specially developed menu exclusives - Mocha Latte, Americano, Fresh Leaf Tea, Cappuccino, Latte.
  • Coffee shop inspired design and chalk board menu
  • Brand new 'Rosewood & Parchment' design is reminiscent of coffee shop interior.
  • Full wrap-around branding
  • Large 12oz paper cups
  • Virtually fat free drinks, no trans fats
  • Flavoured specialities like Gingerbread Cappuccino or Vanilla Latte
  • Help your staff & visitors feel even better about the drink they buy
  • 100% Fair & Ethical
  • Compostable 9oz cup

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