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Water Coolers

Waterlogic 4

This is the future of drinking water.
Stunning design and leading edge technologies combine to create the ultimate water dispenser.
Purification of cold, ambient and sparkling water. A unique innovation, totally unprecedented.

WL 2500

The Waterlogic 2500 water dispenser delivers an instant and constant supply of the highest quality drinking water. It also comes in a choice of water variants and can provide chilled instant hot water through the same dispenser. This enables hot drinks to be made without wasting time waiting for kettles to boil.

The Chiller

The Chiller mains-fed water dispenser delivers an instant and constant supply of high quality drinking water. Because the Chiller, unlike bottles water coolers, is mains-fed, it does away with the problem of storage, lifting heavy water bottles, degradation and sanitisation, not to mention running out.


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