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Waterlogic 4

This is the future of drinking water.

Stunning design and leading edge technologies combine to create the ultimate water dispenser.
Purification of cold, ambient and sparkling water. A unique innovation, totally unprecedented.
Designed around the user, simple to operate.

The Waterlogic signature approach to refreshment purity takes three stages; Filtration, UV purification and BioCoteT antimicrobial protection. The Waterlogic 4 breaks new ground in that all cold, sparkling and ambient water has the maximum (class A) UV treatment giving a 100% pure water guarantee in every cup.

Waterlogic 4 houses all our latest technology breakthroughs. This sophistication produces a water dispenser that is designed to perform to the standards expected in today's environment.

  • High Capacity Cold Purification (HC2P) Technology
  • Thermal cut-out and Leak Detection system.

The Waterlogic 4 is available in a range of options of; Cold, Sparking, Ambient and Hot. All Hot machines have an "extra hot boost" feature, perfect for tea or hot snacks. And, depending on where you would like to place the machine, the optional base cabinet converts the table top model to a freestanding unit which also serves as an integral cup dispenser and storage space for the CO2 gas bottle.


  • 200 cups per hour
  • Class A UV, Firewall technology, H2CP Technology, BioCoteŽ antimicrobial protection
  • Hot, cold & sparkling/ hot, extra hot, cold & sparkling/ cold only/ freestanding or tabletop

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